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          single-use united anesthesia suite(somple)


          Detailed description

          NO. item name components Ref. Product features packing detail
          1 Disposable Combined spinal and epidural anesthesia kit(mini) Epidural needle 16G/18*80/90mm
          Spinal needle:25G/27G*110/120mm,pencil point
          Epidural catheter:1.0/0.8mm,clear marked,length longer thant 850mm with 3 holes or more holes,closed tip
          Epidural filter:0.22um, Luer lock
          LOR syring: 7ml, 10ml available
          Catheter adaptor:TBA, secure the catheter completely


          Epidural needle 18*80mm(the stylet is made of SUS304.)
          Spinal needle:25G*110mm, pencil point
          Epidural catheter:0.8*900mm,clear marked,with 3 holes,closed tip
          Epidural filter:0.22um, Luer lock
          LOR syring:10ml available
          Catheter adaptor:TBA

          Single use to avoid the cross infection。
          combined puncture technology makes the anesthesia rapidly limited,significantly improve the success rate of anesthesia.
          Pencil point tip design make small damage, reduce the incidence of headache after lumbar hemp,safer to patients.
          1pc per hard plastic with tyvek paper, 10 packs/inner box, 100 packs/carton
          Master carton size: 470×360×430mm

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